Whenever I talk about snacks, especially in the context of the work week, it always seems to conjure up the image of subpar granola bars, questionably aged baby carrots or something terribly delicious but waistline busting that Susan seems to bake and bring in to work every other day. Thankfully, snacking has gotten some attention […]


The Sandwich & Salad

At this point, you probably all know that I’m a huge advocate of preparing meals that you can eat throughout the week, or whose leftovers will serve to prepare a quick meal later on. Preparing a salad is a phenomenal opportunity to slice up vegetables (that can be used for many other things) as well […]

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The Ten Minute Tapas

Every once in a while you’re bound to have to prepare something for someone else. If you’re like me, you often find out that you’re feeding someone well after you’re able to properly prepare. Thankfully, the combination of my interest in all things gastronomical and the fact that I recently lived and worked in Valencia, Spain for […]

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The Midday Omelette

The omelette is easily the forgotten dish of the time-impaired. For decades, parents and grandparents have kept this delicious ace up their sleeve for the late mornings, brunches, after school snacks, or even hearty midday sandwiches for their loved ones. What makes an omelette so special? I mean, it really is just eggs and some […]

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The Sunday Morning

Ah yes, the glorious Sunday morning. For most of us, it is the one morning a week where we can sleep in, read the paper, wear a bathrobe for a couple of hours, and take a little extra time to make breakfast, including that coffee that you usually grab on the go. I must confess […]

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Chiggy Fingers and Fries

We all have those questionable things in our freezer. Odds are, some type of frozen french fries are included in those items that have slowly become part of your freezer’s ecosystem over the past few months. I find that I have at least two, if not three types in there. This post is about making […]

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